Relationship with stakeholders

Relationship with stakeholders

HZPC has a relationship with lots of different stakeholders. There is a different role for each of these stakeholders; the role of employer, purchaser or client, supplier, supporter or producer. We want to maintain a good relationship with each of these stakeholders. We deem this so important that we have established it as one of our core values:

'We build long-term relationships and take responsibility for our actions.'

Stakeholder consultation and materiality analysis

We started a large, international stakeholder consultation at the end of 2015. This will continue until mid 2016. We are entering into a dialogue with our most important stakeholders about how they regard HZPC's CSR policy, which things are of great importance to them and how HZPC can improve. A materiality analysis will be created on the basis of this feedback. We will use this analysis to hold our sustainability policy up to the light.

We have charted our most important stakeholders and defined them as follows:

Affiliated growers

(Food) science

Affiliated breeders



Social organisations


Certificate holders


Umbrella organisations


Dialogue with stakeholders



Explanatory notes

Actions with reference to this dialogue

Affiliated growers / breeders

Improving sustainability of cultivation and distribution

Improving sustainability in the chain is placed on the agenda by means of growers' and breeders' meetings

Organisation of return sessions in small groups at growers' premises to discuss impact


Research into vitality and health within HZPC

HZPC carried out another health check for its employees in 2015


Appointment of two confidential counsellors

Personal training budget

Training in stress management

Stakeholder consultation for testing CSR policy

  • customers
  • suppliers & partners in the chain
  • interest groups
  • consumers
  • certificate holders


Stakeholder consultation for testing CSR policy

HZPC started internal and customer consultation in 2015. Partners in the chain such as customers, growers and breeders, interest groups and consumers will follow. This consultation will continue until mid 2016.

The input resulting from these consultations will be used to make our sustainability policy more rigorous in mid 2016.

Carbohydrate Competence Center (CCC)

The CCC wants to generate, develop and share high-quality knowledge on carbohydrates, to promote innovation and to contribute to a healthy and sustainable society.

Public-private partnership between 19 companies and 6 knowledge institutions.

Product development (e.g. Sunlite)

CIP (International Potato Centre)

Maintaining genetic diversity

CIP provides sustainable solutions to problems around the world, such as hunger, poverty and the disappearance of natural raw materials.

In the Netherlands, HZPC will bring this initiative to the attention of various parties in the potato sector to see whether the link between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and benefit sharing for the safeguarding and maintenance of biodiversity can be rolled out further in the future.

Experts from the worlds of business, government, research & development and social and political interest groups (including Agriterra, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, LTO Nederland, IDH, LEI Wageningen) Feeding a growing urban population 'Small farmers big deal' calls upon agri-food enterprises, the Dutch government and knowledge institutions to give farmers' organisations and cooperatives in developing countries a bigger role to play in Dutch trade, aid and investment policy. We jointly consider the strategy and content of the campaign and place the campaign topic on the agenda in our network.

External representations

Gerard Backx, CEO of HZPC, is the Chairperson of Breeders Trust N.V.  (Breeders Trust is an organisation of nine seed potato breeding companies from Germany, the Netherlands, France and Denmark)

Other external representations:

  • Member of ESA and Plantum
  • Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie (NAO) [The Dutch Organisation of Potato Merchants]
  • Veldleeuwerik Foundation
  • Carbohydrate Competence Centre
  • Small farmers big deal