Our strategy for increased

The three pillars of our sustainability policy

  1. Care for the environment
  2. Food security
  3. Social involvement

Objectives and KPIs up to 2020 are formulated within each pillar. We report on progress within these pillars every two years. The progress and details within the pillars can be found within the aforementioned chapters on this website.

The foundation that supports all our activities is the long-term relationships that we have with our employees, growers and breeders. The activities within the three pillars are aimed at our business operations (taking responsibility for our actions) and at the development of responsible food (through our products and services).

Arranging and ensuring sustainability in our organisation

Increased sustainability has, for quite some time, been part of our mission and operations within HZPC. Our product is naturally sustainable. Our special shareholder structure is of importance for sustainable business operations. Our important stakeholders - growers, breeders and employees - are able to participate in our company, by purchasing certificates. Joint ownership ensures shared values and interests and also achieves a high level of mutual involvement. In this way they think and grow with us.

Integrity Counsel

An Integrity Counsel was set up in 2015 where employees, customers and growers can be assisted with questions concerning integrity or report possible violations of integrity.

CSR Work Group

HZPC has a CSR work group consisting of 11 individuals who represent a cross-section of the Dutch organisation. Each member of the work group is responsible for an individual theme. The objectives and interpretation of the CSR activities are initiated and carried out by a work group member and implemented across the organisation to the greatest possible extent. HZPC attaches considerable value to employees who come up with their own initiatives that are implemented by the organisation. The work group convenes six times a year and holds a meeting twice a year with the Executive Board, via the Management Team.

Charity Committee

Our Charity Committee consists of 4 individuals and is responsible for awarding donations to four charities, suggested by employees.