A healthy corporate culture

Code of Conduct

We cherish the great working environment within our organisation. We believe it is important that our employees feel respected and valued. In our Code of Conduct* we have stated how we put this into practice on a daily basis.

Integrity Counsel

An Integrity Counsel was set up in 2015 where employees, customers and growers can be assisted with questions concerning integrity or report possible violations of integrity.

Health check 2015

A health check was carried out in 2015. We use this examination to follow the experience of organisational culture and vitality of employees. The following issues are being followed up on the basis of the final report:

  • Prevention of undesirable conduct: two confidential counsellors are appointed in consultation and collaboration with the Works Council.
  • Improving opportunities for development: opportunities in this area are being investigated. Consideration is being given to drawing up a plan concerning how we can make employees even more active in their personal development.
  • Reduction in experience of (work-related) stress: employees with an increased risk are offered training
  • Contribution to health: organisation of a "Vitality Lunch" with information about healthy food in combination with exercise

Sick leave

Our rate of sick leave, viewed over many years, is low. Sick leave rates are as low as 1.74 % (2014/2015) and 1.68% (2013/2014), below the level that is 'amenable to influence'.

The fact that this rate is low is not a coincidence. The individual employee's options for making arrangements within his or her position contribute to this significantly.

Risk inventory and evaluation

HZPC makes every effort to prevent work-related complaints. The identification of risks at the workplace (by carrying out and following up on the Risk Inventory & Evaluation amongst other things) forms part of this. In 2015 a protocol was developed for field staff for working at height.