Pillar 1 - Environmental stewardship

Reducing our organisation's
environmental impact

Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions

We want to lower energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions for our own organisation in the Netherlands and for all locations in foreign countries. An energy saving plan has been drawn up to help reduce energy consumption. This will be implemented step by step by 2020. In order to reduce our CO2 emissions effectively we will map out our CO2 footprint in 2016 and determine our scope with the assistance of Climate Neutral Group.

This is what we are already doing:

  • 100% renewable energy in 2015 (head office & locations in the Netherlands)
  • Solar panels (head office)
  • Solar panels (ZOS Emmeloord)
  • Full insulation (head office)
  • Air treatment with heat recovery through thermal wheel (head office)
  • T5 lighting (head office)High yield central heating installation (head office)
  • Climate system Aquifer
  • Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) and heat pump (R&D lab and greenhouses)
  • Use of residual heat, machinery room (ZOS Stiens)
  • Presence detection lighting (ZOS Stiens)
  • Use of residual heat, cooling system (ZOS Wehe den Hoorn)
  2013/2014 2014/2015 %
Electricity consumption 3.75 mln. kWh 3.53 mln. kWh -5.9
Gas consumption 225,000 m3 152,191 m3 -32.4

These consumption data refer to the following HZPC locations: Joure, Metslawier, Emmeloord, Stiens and Wehe den Hoorn

Energy Savings Plan

We have an understanding of our consumption per location based on a baseline measurement carried out in 2013. This resulted in the establishment of an Energy Savings Plan with a number of important areas for improvement. They will be taken into consideration and implemented in the period between 2013 and 2020.

Opportunities for improvement include:

Replace lights with LED or T5 lighting Energy savings of 40 – 60% 
Double glazed ZOS buildings 80%
Heat recovery (by chillers) € 4,500 per location per year
Combat standby consumption   at all locations
Sustainable energy production 25% saving on energy purchased


Generating sustainable energy

Solar panels installed at ZOS in Emmeloord

In August 2015, 1,424 solar panels were installed at ZOS in Emmeloord. These provide 350,000 kWh of power. This is equivalent to the average annual energy consumption of 76 households*. The solar panels reduce CO2 emissions by approx. 198 tonnes per year.
*calculation on the basis of average consumption for 4 person households according to Nibud.

Solar panels are also present at our head office in Joure. These were replaced by 120 new panels at the end of 2015. These provide an output of 30,000 kWh/year and a CO2 reduction of 17 tonnes per year.

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage heats greenhouse complex

Our Research & Development Centre is located in Metslawier. The greenhouse complex is an important part of this. New varieties are developed in these greenhouses, intended for millions of consumers around the world. An entirely renovated and sustainable greenhouse complex was built in 2010. Sustainable technology is used to heat the greenhouses (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage), to regulate irrigation (collection and use of grey water) and to keep out vermin (closed greenhouses) for example.

Mobility: reducing travel and improving the sustainability of the vehicle fleet

Video conferencing

Each year a great deal of travelling takes place around the world between the different locations, trial fields and clients. To save on costs and kilometres travelled by car and to reduce flight movements, we urge everyone to use video conferencing to a greater extent, where possible. The CO2 footprint of our own mobility (HZPC employees) will be measured in the forthcoming period. On the basis of this we will be able to see what kind of effect the initiative has if any.

Improving the sustainability of the vehicle fleet

A plan was developed to improve the sustainability of the leased vehicle fleet for HZPC Holland. HZPC wants to promote the use of economical vehicles.

Two testing limits for vehicles are applied:

  • An average CO2 emission no higher than 120 g/km for the whole vehicle fleet.
  • A maximum standard leasing amount, including fuel consumption (by including the fuel in the test calculation, the choice of a vehicle with lower average fuel consumption is encouraged).

Reduction of CO2 emissions for the HZPC Holland leased vehicle fleet.

Vermindering gemiddelde CO2-uitstoot leasewagenpark HZPC Holland
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
150 gr 136 gr 112 gr 106 gr 99 gr

Employees can also make use of:

  • Dutch public transport card
  • Tyre pressure check on location
  • Use of a leisure vehicle
  • Choice of alternative fuels

Digital policy

Our goal is to reduce paper consumption within HZPC by 20% in the Netherlands over the next two years to 2016. We have been purchasing FSC or recycled paper for letters, printing and copying since 2014. 100% recycled paper or FSC paper will be purchased from 2016.

Paper consumption* per year 2012  2013 2014 2015 %
HZPC Holland, R&D Metslawier, ZOS 960,000 sheets 840,000* sheets 600,000 sheets 480,000 sheets

-50% compared with ‘12

* These figures apply for printing and copy paper
**Modified with reference to Sustainability Report 13/14 following recalculation.