Pillar 1


Natural resources must be respected and protected. As a company in the agricultural sector, a healthy soil is our greatest asset. To contribute to responsible use of the earth's resources, we focus on:

  • Developing potato varieties that score better in terms of sustainability
  • Reducing transport kilometres by promoting 'local for local' cultivation, amongst other things
  • Taking more responsibility in the chain
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of our organisation
Take care of the environment Ambition 2020 Result 2014/2015
Development of sustainable potatoes    
Development of new varieties with a higher yield and lower impact Giving customers insight into which varieties to use for the sake of sustainability under specific conditions Development of posters for the sales team for the benefit of customers
  Development of a measurement method to determine sustainability indicators for different varieties In development
  Development of an internal tool to develop new varieties Not yet started
Improvement of logistics and packaging    

Local for local seed potato cultivation in European countries where HZPC produces seed potatoes

For each European seed potato producing country: from 74% (2010) to 82% (2015/16) locally cultivated and supplied In line with 2014/15 objective: 81%
Optimisation of transport of seed potatoes Reduction of transport km per truck to 400 containers per inland vessel transport* Transport of 1,710 containers via barges: CO2 reduction 1.0 mln. kg (-38%)
Use of sustainable packaging Research on alternatives based on environmental impact* Research on re-use of Big Bags
Use of jute bags produced in an ethical manner
Chain responsibility    
Selecting suppliers (growers) with a sustainability programme

25% of the seed potatoes cultivated in a sustainability programme by 2018

30 HZPC growers participate in Veldleeuwerik
  Increase in the number of HZPC growers participating in Veldleeuwerik Foundation by 25 per year*

Partnership with Polish Sustainable Farming Association: pilot with 12 HZPC growers in Poland

Selecting suppliers with a sustainability programme   Initial talks have taken place
Education Increasing yield and reducing impact and wastage*

Organising grower meetings:
2015 topic Storage

Reducing our organisation's environmental impact    
Reducing energy consumption Generating sustainable energy*

1424 solar panels installed at ZOS in Emmeloord


Sustainable housing*

120 solar panels installed at HZPC in Joure

  100% renewable energy*

Aquifer Thermal Storage
Metslawier greenhouses

    Transition to renewable energy as of 1 January 2015 for Dutch locations
Mobility: reducing travel and improving the sustainability of the vehicle fleet

Encourage video conferencing

Quarterly consultations via video conferencing
From paper to digital Develop new policy for sustainable vehicle fleet* New policy for sustainable vehicle fleet
  Paper consumption – 20% in 2016* 50% less paper consumption compared with 2012

*Applicable in the Netherlands