Pillar 2 - Contribution to food security

Contribution to
healthy food

It is our goal to improve the cultivation of potatoes around the world. With the potato as a crop, growers around the world can produce good food, rich in vitamins and carbohydrates, in a short period of time and with relatively little water. We want to increase the nutritional value per m2 cultivated and, in so doing, contribute to the improvement of the global food supply.

How healthy is the potato?

Development of speciality varieties

Superfood: Perupas

In 2014 we launched our concept WOW!  Colourful Perupas which fits in well with the current superfoods trend. The Blue Star, Double Fun and Violet Queen varieties are speciality varieties. They are being introduced to the market under the brand name Perupas. The diversity of colours and shapes are distinctive features of these varieties. A number of Perupa varieties have a higher concentration of anthocyanins, the pigment which is also found in beetroot for example. This is an antioxidant, which is noted in scientific publications as a substance with health-promoting properties. This is entirely in line with the trend of eating healthy food, also known as superfoods. Perupas were nominated for the international Fruit Logistica Innovation Award in December 2015.

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Fewer calories: Sunlite

Overnutrition is also a growing concern around the world, in addition to malnutrition*. A special light potato has been developed, even though the potato already has a low caloric value. Sunlite is a tasty potato with fewer calories than the average potato. These Sunlite potatoes contain a mere 58 kcal per 100 grams, compared to an average of 83 kcal for the ordinary potato.