Pillar 2

Contribution to
food security

The worldwide food demand continues to grow immensely. A growing world population and greater prosperity in various parts of the world explain this growth. Only a small part of the growing food demand can be produced on new agricultural land (to be developed).

This growing food demand will have to be met, for the most part (80%), by higher yields on existing agricultural land. As market leader in potato breeding, we have a major responsibility in this respect.

Contribution to food security Ambition 2020 Results 2014/2015
Feeding more people around the world    
Development of adapted varieties 5 new varieties per year 7 new varieties in 2014/2015
Reaching more people 1 new country per year (up to 2020) From 87 to 90 countries in 2015
Exporting to more countries Giving small scale farmers in Africa access to high-quality seed potatoes Partner in Seeds2B project
Sharing knowledge with
Development of messaging service for growers In development
    Growers' meeting about storage
    Workshop about breeding for developing countries
    Small farmers, big deal – empowerment of farmers' organisations in developing countries
    Advice from product managers all over the world
Contribution to healthy food    
Development of speciality varieties 8 varieties/concepts by 2020 Development of speciality varieties, rich in antioxidants, under the brand name Perupas
    Development of Sunlite 'light' variant
Take care of genetic resources    
Ensuring genetic diversity Supporting and cooperating with gene banks all over the world Collaboration with CIP in Peru
  Policy for intellectual property & breeders' exemption Communication of vision
  Complying with the Nagoya Protocol 7 new varieties in 2014/2015
  Adding 5 new varieties to the catalogue of varieties each year