About this report

In this second Sustainability Report by HZPC we report on the results and the most important developments in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (MVO) in 2014/2015. The Sustainability Report is intended for our stakeholders, such as employees, growers, breeders, certificate holders and chain partners, and for everyone interested in our sustainable activities.

The Sustainability Report is published every two years. The GRI G3.1 level C directives were followed for the first report in 2014. We are now working towards producing the next report including GRI G4 table. Completing the international stakeholder consultation and the analysis of materiality in 2016 are important steps towards this.  

The financial data, including the employee data, relate to all HZPC entities as stated in the annual HZPC Financial Report for 2014/15 The essential data for sustainability relate to the HZPC locations in the Netherlands. The data is provided annually by the CSR work group members responsible for the various topics.

If you have any questions about our Sustainability Report or HZPC's activities, please contact: .